“One Medicine” OA Breakthrough

Posted: 16th April 2019

An international team of researchers, led by the RVC, has for the first time identified key similarities between OA in dogs and humans. The findings, published in Nature Reviews Rheumatology, suggest the similarities are partly due to the shared lifestyles and

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Zoonosis Warning Regarding Diptheria-like Bacteria Found in Hedgehogs

Posted: 1st April 2019

Four hedgehogs in Germany have tested positive for Corynebacterium ulcerans – a close relative of the diphtheria-causing bacterium. The finding has prompted a warning to vets and those working in wildlife rehabilitation and animal sanctuaries that handle hedgehogs to have appropriate hygiene

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RCVS Issues Alert About Bogus Vet

Posted: 29th March 2019

Peter Keniry has repeatedly and fraudulently practised as a veterinary surgeon in the UK. He has just been released from prison having recently served more than one year’s imprisonment, following a three-year prison term handed down at Taunton Crown Court

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Carbapanem-resistant Bacteria Found in UK Dog

Posted: 22nd March 2019

Bacteria resistant to a class of powerful “last resort” antibiotics – carbapenems – have been reported in a UK dog for the first time. In a study published in the Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, an Escherichia coli isolate cultured from a wound in

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Heat Injury Study Launched

Posted: 15th March 2019

A research project at the RVC has been launched to investigate the incidence and risk factors of heatstroke in dogs in the UK. Led by Dan O’Neill – in collaboration with Emily Hall and Anne Carter at Nottingham Trent University,

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AHT Launches New DNA Test for Border Collies

Posted: 4th March 2019

The AHT has announced a new DNA test for the genetic mutation causing glaucoma in Border Collies. The condition affects more than a thousand dogs across the UK, and now thanks to the AHT, with funding from Vets4Pets, Border Collie

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New Waiting Room Poster Created by RCVS

Posted: 1st March 2019

The RCVS will shortly be mailing all veterinary practice premises in the UK with a new poster designed to help clients of veterinary practices better understand what they can expect from their veterinary team and, similarly, what is expected of

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Isoflurane Supply Restored

Posted: 19th February 2019

Zoetis and Chanelle have both announced that fresh supplies have now been made available to UK wholesalers. Find out more here.  

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VSGD Career Evening at Surrey Vet School – 7th March 2019

Posted: 12th February 2019

This event will provide a fantastic opportunity for up to 150 delegates (students, vets, RVNs, exhibitor guests) to build their professional connections and develop their confidence in order to harness their career potential. This could be in order to find a

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AHT Report Positive Impact of DNA Tests on Pedigree Dog Health

Posted: 6th February 2019

A new study has revealed that the number of pedigree dogs at risk of often painful and debilitating inherited diseases is being dramatically reduced by responsible breeders. The research, carried out by scientists who work for the Kennel Club and

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