Bird Flu Confirmed on Farm in Lincolnshire

Posted: 20th December 2016

On 16th December Avian Flu (strain H5N8) was confirmed on a turkey farm in Lincolnshire. This is the same strain that has recently been found in mainland Europe and that prompted the British, Welsh and Scottish governments to declare the

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Compulsory 30 Day Prevention Zone For Poultry and Captive Birds Now In Place

Posted: 12th December 2016

On the 6th December DEFRA declared a prevention zone covering the whole of England in an aid to protect poultry and captive birds from a strain of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (H5N8) that has been found in mainland Europe. Scottish

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Outcome-Based Approach to Learning – Is it for you?

Posted: 24th November 2016

A pilot is to be launched into the new outcome-based approach to CPD that is being proposed by the RCVS. Due to concerns voiced during the recent consultation on the matter, the RCVS has decided it more appropriate to run

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Feline Cowpox Outbreak

Posted: 15th November 2016

There has been an increase in the number of cases of an aggressive form of feline cowpox (FPxV) being seen over the past few weeks and Prof Gunn-Moore, professor of feline medicine at The University of Edinburgh has issued a

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New CPD videos coming soon….

Posted: 28th July 2016

We have been steadily making our way through editing footage from this year’s recorded Central CPD lectures and they will be appearing on Vet-eCPD in the very near future, as well as the return of the monthly round up newsletter

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CRGV Update- Canine cases with skin lesions required by Anderson Moores

Posted: 9th January 2016

Anderson Moores and the RVC are working together to offer vets free GFR measurements for canine cases with skin lesions of unknown aetiology in an attempt to help with early diagnosis and management of any CRGV cases. Contact Anderson Moores

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Love to Learn and Learn to Love….

Posted: 4th November 2015

Love to learn and learn to love….   I was recently asked to write an article for the London Vet Show promotional material, on how to make the most of all the CPD on offer over their 2 day programme,

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Petition to legally protect the title “Veterinary Nurse”

Posted: 20th August 2015

We received the below email from the RCVS today, asking for support to get the title “Veterinary Nurse” legally protected. Nurses work very hard to get and maintain their professional qualifications, so please sign and share the petition HERE to ensure

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Alabama Rot/ CRGV

Posted: 25th March 2015

There have been several cases of “Alabama Rot’/ CRGV reported over the last couple of years, but the cause is yet to be identified, a useful article summarising 30 confirmed cases was published in the Vet record this week: Click

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Synergy CPD online…

Posted: 19th February 2015

The fantastic Claire Roberts from Synergy CPD has recorded a 4 part series on General Anaesthesia for Nurses for us, which will be available to view from next week, and will count for for 4hr30min of CPD credit. Claire is

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